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Study Tour

For XI and XII.

  21 Sep 2018 & 07:30    PCS

World Heart Day

World Heart Day and Inter-House March Past by VI-VIII.

  28 Sep 2018 & 07:30    PCS, Delhi

Seminar for Christian students

For V-XII.

  29 Sep 2018 & 07:30    PCS, Delhi

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Presentation Convent Senior Secondary School, S.P. Mukherji Marg, Delhi

Is a Christian Minority School. It is an unaided English medium school for girls. The school is run by the Society of Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (PBVM) Order under Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860,(Punjab Amendment) Act 1957 as extended to the Union Territory of Delhi. The school is located in the heart of Delhi.

The School has been granted Permanent Recognition by the Department of Education, NCR Territory of Delhi vide their letter number F.3(7)/79-ZVG/4158, dated 30.11.1979.

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‘Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten’ B.F. Skinner
There once was a farmer who grew award winning corn. Each year he entered his corn in the state fair where it won a blue ribbon. One year a newspaper reporter interviewed him and learned something very interesting. The reporter discovered that the farmer shared his seed corm with his neighbours. “How can you afford to share your best seed corn with your neighbours when they are entering corn in competition with yours each year?” , the reporter asked. “Why sir”, said the farmer,” Didn‟t you know? The wind picks up pollen from the ripening corn and swirls it from field to field. If my neighbours grow inferior corn, cross-pollination will steadily degrade the quality of my corn. If I am to grow good corn, I must help my neighbours grow good corn.”

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-Sr. Jyoti, Principal

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